How to Choose a Recliner in 2022?

How to Choose a Recliner

Purchasing a recliner is a confusing experience, and the number of different types and manufacturers on the market causes head pain. This article aims to help you choose an armchair that will suit your needs, and it will be valuable for you!  

What is a Recliner?  

Let’s start this article with a short explanation of what is a recliner. We can defy it in several different ways. For one thing, it might refer to any chair that permits the user’s back to recline. In most cases, people imagine giant chairs with back reclines, and others call any chair with a built-in footrest a “recliner.” Regardless of how you label it, there is no arguing that a recliner provides an extra degree of comfort and leisure.  

Different recliner types make it hard to define what armchair will suit you best. I have an article about different types of recliners, and this will be interesting for people looking for a specific model or have a particular taste. 

Five Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Recliner  

We want to point out that some pieces of advice can be noticeable. However, not everyone thinks of these guidelines as self-evident, and I think it is better to repeat some things for people who are not aware of some obvious things. 

1. Consider Your Space  

Consider the amount of space you have before searching for a recliner. It is better to think about the following before buying an armchair:  

  • Think about your room. It is helpful to ponder the room’s unique features in which you will utilize the recliner. Is it a small room or a big living room? You will use this information when you think about the size.  
  • Who will use it? Will it be a living room where everyone gathers to watch television or an adults-only space for reading and entertaining guests? It is essential to understand the capacity and holstering material you will need on your recliner.  

Additionally, you will need to measure your space. Take into account any windows, entrances, and fireplaces when calculating. There is only one method to know if your recliner will fit: measuring!  When shopping for furniture, it is easy to make mistakes about the size.   

Showrooms are generally larger than average living and family areas. So, the items that appear great in the showroom may not work in your home. If you don’t consider the flow of the space and any other space needs you may have, dimensions alone might not.  

It’s critical to measure your room for fit and the path it will take to reach your room. You can bring measurements with you to the store, which will allow the salesperson to assist you in selecting a proper fit. If you can sketch out your room and take photographs, this will be even more beneficial. We will tell you about the photographing later on.  

2. Take pictures  

There’s a common expression that goes, “A photo is worth a thousand words.” In furniture purchasing, this may be true. It is better to take several photos before going to purchase a recliner. Nowadays, 6.3 billion people own smartphones. So, taking a few quick photographs of your space before you go shopping might save you quite a bit of time later on.  

Thanks to Augmented Reality technologies, you can see how furniture will look in your house before buying it. Just check out the website of your shop or brand manufacturer.  

3. Make a list of must-have features.  

Today’s recliners have a long list of features, so pick the most important ones to you. Are you looking for a recliner with complete body support, including lumbar support, while you’re in the reclining position? Extra comfort elements, such as an articulating headrest that supports your head and neck, are now included. Do you have a favorite TV show that you watch? Ensure the recliner you choose consists of a built-in cup holder or storage space. Do you like to read while reclining? Choose a chair with an attached ottoman.  

Today, there are so many choices on the market, so it’s essential to define your needs before you begin shopping.  

4. Leather vs. Fabric  

They are two main types of material for upholstering your recliner. You can choose between leather and fabric. Leather recliners are luxurious and elegant, but they have a higher price tag. Fabric recliners offer a wider variety of colors and patterns to choose from, and they’re often more affordable. In the end, it comes down to personal preference and your budget.  

However, don’t be cheap when you are looking for a recliner. It will cost you from $400 – $1000 to reupholster a recliner in the future. So, buying an armchair with high-quality fabric will save you time and money in the future.  

5. Manual or Electric

There two types of recliners are manual and electric. Manual recliners require you to use your strength to recline the chair, and electric recliners have a built-in motor that does all the work for you.  

Manual recliners are smaller in size and are more affordable than its electric counterparts. The manual mechanism is less likely to break than a recliner with built-in motors.  

On the other hand, electric recliners are more comfortable, and pressing the button is comfier than reclining an armchair using your hands.

The classic model is a great choice.

If you’re still stumped on which recliner to get, stick to the classics. Choose a recliner based on how long you want it to last. Also, keep in mind that the look of your home will change over time because of the chair’s longevity. Take into account the chair’s size, shape, and comfort level.  


Once you’ve considered all of these criteria, you’ll know which recliner is right for your home. If you’re still not sure, bring the measurements and photos with you to the store. You can even take a quick video or two to show off your style and unique space. Then, sit in every recliner until you find one that looks and feels like it was made just for your room. Your future self will thank you!  

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