Magnetic Paint: Frequent Interior Renovations Without Extra Costs
Everyone knows how problematic it is to hang a photo on a load-bearing wall. Of course, you can glue it with duct tape, but in this case, no aesthetics
Sound Insulation of a BasementTips
Sound Insulation of a Basement
You may be wondering if it’s absolutely necessary to soundproof your basement ceiling. Well, a few years ago I wondered the same thing, and all I
Material mix facadeFacade Painting
Combination of Colors and Materials on the Facade
The facade is the business card of houses, because it determines the first impression that visitors get from the home. Therefore, it is particularly important
Set Up Ladder SecureTips
How to Set Up Ladder Correctly and Secure
To avoid accidents, you should be careful with ladders: The angle of attack of the ladder is crucial for safety. Although it is much safer to use a ladder