kinds of facade paintFacade Painting
Which Facade Paint for What?
Not every facade paint satisfies all requirements equally well, which is why it is worth taking a look at the product data sheet or the processing guidelines
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Exterior plasterFacade Painting
How to Apply Plaster: All Types of Plaster for Interior and Exterior
Plaster is used to smooth the masonry before it is subsequently painted, wallpapered or tiled. However, some types of plaster look so pretty that further
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best way to paint a facadeFacade Painting
Painting Facade – Step by Step
How to paint the facade of a house – including all the preparatory work as well as the various preliminary, intermediate and final coats –
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Material mix facadeFacade Painting
Combination of Colors and Materials on the Facade
The facade is the business card of houses, because it determines the first impression that visitors get from the home. Therefore, it is particularly important
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Color and material effectFacade Painting
How to Choose the Right Color for Your Facade
Does your house need a new coat of paint? Or do you simply want to give your house a different colorful look? A new coat of facade paint is like a face
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Painting the facadeFacade Painting
Painting Facade: From Preparation to the Finished Painting
Air pollution, rain or even just the soccer-loving kids – a house facade has to cope with a lot. Every now and then, however, the exterior walls
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