Built-in walk-in closets in the house and apartment

The built-in dressing room is the most modern and best option for storing clothes and shoes, which, in addition, can become a separate element in the design of the room. With a built-in walk-in closet, you can get rid of bulky and heavy cabinets, replacing them with convenient shelves, drawers, baskets, pantograph cabinets, and more.

The benefits of built-in walk-in closets:

  1. accommodates much more stuff than even the largest closet;
  2. you can safely change clothes, as all things are stacked in one room;
  3. do not have to force the house (apartment) with cabinets, chests of drawers, hangers;
  4. thanks to the proper storage of things, increases their lifespan;
  5. you can store absolutely any things:
  6. clothes, shoes, linens, towels, bags, umbrellas, hats, and so on;
  7. the entire dressing room is used 100%, from floor to ceiling, all corners and walls, which cannot be achieved from cabinets and dressers.

Built-in walk-in closets

Fitted walk in wardrobes made to order are as individual as possible and will accommodate all the features you need just for you. After all, a custom-made dressing room, tailored to your wishes, is like a custom-tailored dress, perfect for your figure and appropriate for the occasion.

The dressing room in a modern style is laconic, with lots of metal fittings, baskets, and panto graphs, it can be built on an ironing board and provide storage space for large appliances. Be sure to take care in advance about good lighting in the dressing room, it is very important for your comfort.

Types of built-in dressing rooms

Closet rooms are popular among people due to their convenience, and ergonomics, for example, they look great in both spacious and compact apartments. The customer can agree to create a layout according to a standard project or to an individual one. This kind of storage space can easily replace several closets in the apartment. By the way, the program “Household Question” was a curious story about the arrangement of a bright bedroom with the unobtrusive introduction of a very comfortable dressing room compartment design.

Closets differ primarily in size, their choice depends, as can not be difficult to guess, on the living space. It is logical that large volume cabinets are purchased for spacious apartments, and small – for small spaces – here as two times two four … In any case, even a closet in a one-room apartment will help to place different types of clothes and shoes in a limited area.

Open Closet

Such racks are mounted on metal frames of the rack type with holders for shelves. Shelves are located in the uppermost zone, hangers in the middle, and at the bottom are mounted lockers of hinged type or on wheels. The highlight of such dressing rooms is the presence of various movable elements – pantographs and others.
The open dressing room in the apartment looks nice, all things in sight – to find the right one is not difficult. But the disadvantages of this variation include special, regular care for them – it is necessary to periodically vacuum their top, and wipe the bottom with a damp cloth.
The dressing room is sometimes equipped so that it was possible here to bring order, which set a dressing table with a mirror, ironing board, and other elements. Take a look at the dressing rooms by photo, it is possible that some of them will appeal to you.

Closed dressing room

Deciding on the apartment issue, you need to decide which rooms to give preference. Closed constructions differ from open closets by the presence of a curtain door. They are otherwise called corpus, they consist of a certain number of cabinets, which are placed along the perimeter of the room. The layout can be modified based on the size of the room. Often the materials for such constructions are particleboard, MDF with additions of solid wood, and decorative elements.
The advantage of closed closets is the ability to change the location of cabinets at the will of the owner. These closets with their internal space are different in that sometimes they use thick curtains instead of doors. This is even more convenient – things are hidden from prying eyes, and the technology of hanging material is not particularly difficult.

Practicality and versatility of a walk-in closet

The most convenient and practical are mesh dressing systems. Their basis is made up of strong metal profiles, on which with the help of hooks, brackets and locks fix the main elements. Custom folding wall beds – custom-made bed built into the wall, folding bed in a wall niche –  https://urbanwardrobes.co.uk/services/fitted-folding-wall-beds

The storage system can be divided into three parts:

  • On the upper shelves usually store folded bedding, hats.
  • On the middle level, shirts and dresses are hung on bars, and pants and ties are hung on special hangers. Here on the shelves and in closed baskets things are stored folded.
  • On the lower level shoes and suitcases are usually located.

The versatility of the closet system is that depending on the need, you can change the places of shelves and fixtures. Such a storage system can be installed in a special dressing room in an adult or children’s bedroom, in the hallway or bathroom and even in the garage. Thanks to the hinged design, such a dressing room looks light and airy. At the same time things are always in order.

A reliable walk-in closet system

The reliability of the storage system primarily depends on the quality of the materials used. The entire structure is held together by a metal frame. Between the supporting steel rails are fixed hinged and wall rails, which are also made of strong and durable steel. Metal hooks, trouser hangers, and rods are capable of supporting a lot of weight.

Stationary wall and floor shelves are often made of wood, movable light shelves are made of metal mesh. They are fixed on rails with hooks (on such a shelf you can store only light objects) or fixed with brackets, they give more support area and the shelf can withstand more weight.

Shoe shelves are made of wood or mesh. According to the customer’s wishes, they can be open or closed. Shoes can also be stored in fine mesh sliding baskets.

All the protruding parts of the design are supplemented with decorative plugs and strips. If necessary, dividers can be installed in the pull-out baskets, and the mesh baskets can be supplemented with decorative frames.

A walk-in closet in a small bedroom

Built-in dressing room in a small bedroom can be fenced off with glass walls, but this option is suitable for those who know how to always keep order. In small and square rooms, it is recommended to make a corner built-in closet.

If the house or apartment has a lot of space, you can arrange for two dressing rooms. One built-in dressing room in the hallway for outerwear and shoes, and another in the bedroom for other things. In the attic, you can also make a place to store things. The main thing is that it should be properly insulated and have good ventilation. Arranging a dressing room in a small room, you must remember a few rules: a dressing room is installed only in a dead end or corner; the entire room must be used rationally and fully. A few recommendations that are suitable for any built-in walk-in closet: on the upper shelves (mezzanine) it is better to store things that are rarely used (seasonal); shelves or shoe drawers are best placed below; in the middle provide space only for hangers; shelves located close to the entrance and easily accessible, occupy frequently used items; provide space (drawers) for small items (gloves, ties, socks), as well as for hats and umbrellas; install a mirror (preferably full-length), then after changing clothes you won’t have to go to the bathroom or bedroom; be sure to have excellent lighting.

In any dressing room there must be ventilation, otherwise things will get an unpleasant smell, which can be got rid of only by washing.

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